Opening Thursday, July 1, 2021. 6-9pm Rick Klu “Machines That Do Nothing and Places That Couldn’t Exist”

| June 29, 2021

Rick Klu is showing at Vermillion for the month of July, 2021.

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Rick KLU was born on July 10th, 1968 in Taiwan. His father was a retired fighter pilot with the Flying Tigers during World War II, who went on to fly under contract with the Southern Air Transport during the Viet Nam war. His mother was exiled from mainland China for counter-revolutionary activities as a journalist for Readers Digest (Chinese version).

Rick KLU spent his childhood studying martial arts in Taiwan and Japan, where he mastered Jeet Kun Do, Jui Jitsu, and Tzen Fu Low (a VERY fast form of Tai Chi). While visiting the Albino Snake Dojo in Tokyo, KLU met the famous sumi brush artist Ishibashi. After visiting Ishibashi’s studio, KLU became interested in art.

During a visit to Korea he discovered “Coaster Art” which was usually found in brothels and gambling halls. These coasters were utilized to communicate and illustrate what customers wanted to order because it was taboo to voice these requests. KLU became fascinated with this visual dialogue and the unique variations in style and form that random customers developed.

KLU has exhibited in 38 group and solo shows in Asia and the United States. Along with his coaster drawings he has also exhibited his paintings and sculptures around the world. KLU currently lives in Kirkland with his wife of 14 years, Mai Jun Kim, an acclaimed classical violinist. 

(*some parts of this bio are fictional)

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