How do I get an art show?
We are booked indefinitely and not accepting any more submissions but you are welcome to send an email with a link to something that is regularly updated like a website, Tumblr, Facebook, etc… Don’t send attachments. They fill up the server and get purged.

When would be a good time to check back (how far out are you booked)?
The amount of time out we are booked is irrelevant and affected by many other factors. We may say one month or ten years and you may still be one of 50 ongoing people who ask. We have at least a year’s worth of art curated but occasionally things happen so keep us updated when you update your links and we’ll let you know – it’s an ongoing process.


Do you rent the space out for events?
Yes we do but the rate varies based on the day and time. Go to PEERSPACE.COM

Do you reserve space for parties?
No we don’t reserve space but you can rent out Vermillion for a private party HERE.

Can I show my art/my friends art during my party/event?

No. We are already booked with shows that are curated and nothing changes.

Can I do a fundraiser for no or little charge?
We will only consider it if you are a registered 501c(3) organization. Otherwise we can work with you on fees or minimums.

Can I bring food to a party I’m hosting?
Yes, you can bring food or have a caterer come in. You must make previous arrangements with us and bring all the serving utensils, plates and plastic ware.

My friend owns a still/winery/brewery, etc… Can I bring my own liquor/wine/keg to a party that I’m booking?
No. We recommend you rent a catering space or have your event at a private residence with a banquet permit. We are a full service bar.