Opening Thursday, June 2, 2022 5-9pm: Indigiqueer Joy

| June 2, 2022

Indigiqueer Joy
June 2 – July 2, 2022
Opening June 2, 6-9pm
Second Thursday Artwalk June 9, 6-9pm
Pride Weekend June 24 – 26, 2022
Curated by Hailey Tayathy

Indigiqueer Joy Exhibition
The space between queer and Indigenous identities is rarely celebrated or recognized by mainstream society. We’re putting a spotlight on queer Indigenous joy and holding space for the queer Indigenous community this June at Vermillion in Capitol Hill.The Indigiqueer Joy Exhibition shares a series of photos that were taken by Evan Benally Atwood (Diné/Navajo) and Nate Lemuel (Diné/Navajo), The exhibition also features works by other local queer Indigenous artists including Hailey Tayathy (Quileute) and Dove Little Home (Blackfeet/Cree).

The Indigiqueer Joy Campaign is sponsored by the Paths (Re)Membered Project at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board. This event is free and open to the public. More info at event and hours here.

Indigiqueer Joy portraits: Even Benally Atwood & Nate Lemuel

In the summer of 2021 the Paths (Re)Membered Project communed with queer Indigenous creative, Evan Benally Atwood (Diné/Navajo) and Nate Lemuel (Diné/Navajo) to manifest a story of collective queer Indigenous joy. The Indigiqueer Joy Exhibition shares Evan’s series of photos that were taken across what is now known as Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Oklahoma over the course of 15 days.

Evan is a Diné queer creative from Farmington, NM, residing in the PNW. They thoughtfully use filmmaking and photography to document stories, uplift community, and empower marginalized voices. Nate is a Diné queer creative from Shiprock, NM. His work is a reflection of supporting each other, embracing who we are, and celebrating ourselves. From film to digital, his expression is documented by portraits of landscape, growing with community, and stop action movement. 

Hailey Tayathy

To create this representation for themselves and other Indigiqueer people, Hailey uses the Coast Salish art style to create imagery of Indigiqueer lives.

Hailey Tayathy is a member of the Quileute Nation and Seattle’s premier Native American drag queen. Tayathy uses their queer Native experiences to inform their unique brand of drag through which they aim to bring healing to Indigenous communities and to show everyone that Indigiqueers are still here and are stronger and more beautiful than colonized minds can imagine.

Social Media @HaileyTayathy on Instagram,

Dove Little Home

Okii, tanisi! My name is Dove Little Home, my pronouns are they/them xe/xir. I am a mixed Blackfeet and Cree Two-Spirit lesbian who creates art reflecting my cultures and Two-Spirit love. I create artwork that’s important to me as a person and representation I’d want to see in the world and hope it resonates with others who need it. I consider art a passionate hobby of mine as I work on earning my BA in Anthropology with a concentration in Environmental Preservation. 

Instagram @dovelittlehome.arfor my artwork.

Music and art by: there’s more
Pawnee Nation

there’s more is a musician, DJ, artist, producer, performer, and like probably two more things too. She has spent a lot of time in the woods recently and has found a love for the perfect imperfections of nature, and as an artist largely rejects perfection in their art. Most of it’s pieces of work are first drafts, and utilize the patterns and traditions from their people and upbringing. After years and years of being a cynic, they now believe there is more to life, there is more to you, there is more to us. 
There is just more


Thank you to yehaw and Asia Tail for generous assistance.

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