Opening Thursday, June 3, 2021: Forever Safe Spaces Kickoff Event. “The Audacity to Ask” 5-9:30pm

| June 2, 2021

Thursday, June 3, 2021
Forever Safe Spaces “The Audacity to Ask”
Kick-Off Event and Month long art show and fundraiser

Music! Art! Online Auction! Street Fashion! Local Vendors! Food! and more! 
June signifies an important anniversary and milestone for the artists and businesses on 11th avenue. Arising from the tumultuous events of one year ago, mutual aid and caring for or fellow artists is now at the forefront. We believe in safety through equity and innovation. Our mission at Forever Safe Spaces is to interweave, stabilize, and nurture people most vital to our ecosystem so we can not only survive, but thrive in place.
Please join us for this momentous event!

Blue Cone Studios, BOC Music, Harriet Tubman Foundation for Safe Passage, Seattle Artist Coalition for Equitable Development, and NONWHITEWORKS are galvanizing to kick-off the Forever Safe Spaces (FSS) “Audacity to Ask” Activation! 

With support from Vermillion, Mediums Collective, ThrowbacksNW, & TAKEOVER MUSIC Collective, we invite you to join us first Thursday of June 5-9:30pm to celebrate the resilience and brilliance of the local creative ecosystem and support the vital work of FSS. 

Performing at the Event: Julie-C & Ready Ron Beats (Hosts), Marshall Law BandDJ NeeborWhispah The Rula (*****), BananaganzBoogie the HustlemanBOC Music, Micstro, COMBAT/MOMMY,  D.MikeyFalon SierraFantasy AKalligraphyKyle KamppiNikkita OliverHajjMika’ilOcclusionsPeace & Red Velvet,  Seven da PanthaDouble ExcelSoul the InterrogatorMojo BarnesMomma Nikki, De Lunatics ft. Nicco, TarteethWebbWavvy@JustCallMeNasKiya Mac & Special Guests!

Visual Art at Vermillion for the month of June:
Carolyn HittCyreeta MitchellNatasha MarinTakiyah WardGothicGhettoJack SandersAngelica CampbellBrian CulpepperErik KalligraphyUkuuSovereign QueendomElisha Ewing, Smurf, Jennifer Moore, Twyla SampacoJeremy DecorySpecs WizardMujale ChisebukaColton Kenyon, Aramis Hamer and more

To learn more about Forever Safe Spaces 

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Thank you to Northwest Polite Society for providing posters and distribution

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