Thursday, December 12, 2019 6-9pm: ‘Scapes

| December 10, 2019
Scapes is group show that invites artists and technologists to explore how altering our gaze through the prism of shifted reality transforms the mundane into the magical, the bland into a kaleidoscope of color, and the flat into volumes of shapes. Featuring interactive alternative and virtual reality artwork and installations.

There will be a Hackathon on Sunday, February 2, 2019 from 10am-2am. More info TBA.Participating creatives:Totally Legit :: Ben Flaster :: Brandon Traynoff ::Dan Walker :: Greg Larson :: Jeff Larson :: Maggie Shelton :: Rohin Mittal :: Shelly Farnham :: April Denton :: Giddy Arts :: Beanne Hull :: Karen Walker :: Nancy Cleveland :: Joanie Keaunui :: Federico Seco de Lucena :: Marilyn Martin :: Madelle Quiring :: ASKXXI :: Nathan DiPietro :: Jeff Brice :: Rebecca Cummins :: Miguel Bolt :: Genevieve Tremblay :: & Friends :: Andrew Cole :: David Hull :: Josh Lind :: Tomas

There will be a special Virtual Reality Painting installation in front by Natahan DiPietro called “Bouquet Symmetry”. Preview here: About Totally LegitTotally Legit is a creative collaboration group with the mission to have fun innovating with art and technology projects, and to share our work through creative exhibitions and events.  We are an interdisciplinary team of artists, technologists, designers, makers, engineers, and builders who share a passion for art, technology, and culture. We have created everything from interactive sound and lighting experiences to giant murals, often incorporating futuristic themes.  We seek to challenge traditional artistic boundaries by treating everything as a creative medium.Learn more at

More About this ShowEach year, in collaboration with Third Place Technologies, Totally Legit organizes an art and tech weekend retreat called Electric Sky bringing together artists, makers, technologists, designers and friends to collaboratively engage with the environment in new and exciting ways.  For our group installations, we provide a basic framework around a theme, and then recruit artists, technologists, scientists, and designers to take on aspects of that theme, playing with technologically-infused, sensing, interactive or self-illuminated sculptural elements. This year we chose to orient our show about the theme “Bio Zoom”. It was a year of art, tech and science, as we explored how dramatically changing our perspectives — zoomed in to the most nanoscopic view, or zoomed out to the most galactic — transforms even the most mundane objects into beautiful works of art.  We are now very excited to bring a variant of that show to the Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar, focusing on alternate landscapes.Learn more at

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