Sarah Teasdale – Technaissance. Opening Thursday, July 13, 2017 6-9pm

| July 12, 2017

Sarah Teasdale
Thursday, July 13, 2017 6-9pm
(show runs through August 5, 2017)
In the information age a fresh visual aesthetic is being formed. Technology has been providing creatives with original means of expression since its beginning. For example, the birth of impressionism was facilitated by the development of the easel and the introduction of premixed paints in lead tubes. Teasdale is inspired by how technology expresses imagery. She is inspired by the aesthetics of the pixel and likes to manipulate images to find the perfect balance between the virtual and the real.

“My work explores how technology, math and art can, and do, influence each other. I focus on patterns derived from both mathematical and digital worlds and try to highlight the order and beauty found within them. Patterns have an underlying mathematical structure and can be seen as a search for regularities. When we recognize these arrangements we have an emotional reaction that is deeply rooted in our instincts and development. I also believe in color psychology in relation to people’s emotions and temperament. I (use) colors that I believe have positive effects and strive to create works that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.”

Sarah Teasdale was born in Vancouver, B.C. She received
her B.F.A. from the University of Washington and began exhibiting her work in 2001 when she received 1st place at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery 2001 juried exhibition with a painting entitled “Sea Dream.”

Sarah’s subject matter has varied greatly and has included her dreams, the Victorian Era, Medieval Castles and more recently patterns and technology. Previously, her work was more on the representational side and she has enjoyed making the transition into creating abstract decorative work. Recently Sarah has completed a series of colorful geometric, pattern-based paintings. Each painting is multi-layered and is made with acrylic paint, mica pigments and spray paint. The overall aesthetic is a blend of digital, modern and ancient.

About Sarah Teasdale

2003 University of Washington-Seattle Campus, BFA
2015 Coded Landscapes, Vermillion Gallery, Seattle, WA
2014 In Technology, Kate Alkarni Gallery, Seattle, WA
2012 Sense and Sensibility, Vera Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
2001 First Place, Jacob Lawrence Gallery
2010 Vermont Studi Center, Johnson, VT

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