Deep Knowledge & the Passing Weather – A K Mimi Allin, Opening Thursday, April 14, 2016. 6-9pm

| April 12, 2016


A K Mimi Allin

After spending the winter nose-into a stack of metaphysical-spiritual texts, conceptual artist A K Mimi Allin is opening her investigation of self to the public.

Starting with the idea of self as source, Allin will take up a practice of writing and breathing and various other investigations designed to dissolve the mind-matter divide and enter into the primordial state.

From these, she will produce writings on the gallery walls. At times, intended obstacles and acts of overproduction will obliterate the writings and give prominence to the act of creating. In denying the product—a consumable, collectible body of writing—the artist remains within the bounds of experience and forces the witness to realize the work as unpackageable flow.

This reversal decentralizes ego by denying the artist a language and, with it, a meaning. Symbiotic and combative collaborations, in writing and movement, will shed light on a spectrum of experiences.

The artist is set to announce an OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS willing to experiment with “the exquisite state of unconcerned immersion in oneself” (Eugen Herrigel). The call will be posted on the gallery wall at Vermillion on opening night, Thursday 14 April.

Deep Knowledge is a month-long residency-show undertaken as training for a physical journey to the interior later this year, a human-powered journey by boat to Alaska for a work called IN SEARCH OF BAS JAN ADER, WITH THE MIRACULOUS.
Participation from observers encouraged.

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