Backwards Telescopes: Jed Dunkerley, Rich Lehl, Jason Puccinelli September 12 – October 5, 2013

| September 9, 2013

“Backwards Telescopes” features new paintings by a trio of Seattle surrealists: Jason Puccinelli, Rich Lehl, and Jed Dunkerley.
Their work features critical, humorous, and often absurd glimpses of social realities, future possibilities, and ponderous sidetracks.
Puccinelli’s work points its lens at visual cliches, interventions in the natural order of things, and bioengineering.
Dunkerley creates complex scenes of dystopic urban design and architecture.
Rich Lehl paints hyperdetailed juxtapositions of the mundane and things fantastically, and often eerily, alien.
The three last showed together in Vital 5’s epic surrealist show “Sixpack” over 10 years ago but have remained collaborators and conspirators ever since.

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