Table & Chairs Presents: Second Wednesdays at Vermillion – Curated by Christian Pincock

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December 10, 2014 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
1508 11th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122
$5-$15 Suggested Donation

3:11:14 tables and chairsThis month will feature:

Eyvind Kang – solo viola
Christian Pincock – solo trombone and electronics
Tom Varner Nonet

$5-15 Suggested Donation

Eyvind Kang
“To hear Eyvind Kang play violin is a powerful experience. His solo performances interweave scalding-hot improvisations and a rainbow of dissonant colours. They also reveal a deep understanding of classical techniques, and a positively beautiful sense of plucking and bowing his instrument. …” —Andrew Bartlett, Sidewalk

Christian Pincock
Christian Pincock is a trombonist, composer and educator who creates a wide range of adventurous and uncompromising music. Informed by a firm background in jazz, his work focuses on narrative, gesture and detail as a way of inspiring and entertaining audiences with work that integrates many musical styles and elements. Tonight, Christian will perform solo works on trombone and computer using homemade controllers and computer software for live control over computer-generated sounds and processing.

Tom Varner Nonet
“Tom Varner has a flexible, transparent, Nonet, that can play free or “straight jazz” — and change on a dime. With Seattle’s top players. Tom is celebrating his new release, “Nine Surprises.” Featuring Thomas Marriott, Eric Barber, Mark Taylor, Phil Sparks, Jim DeJoie, and other Seattle greats. “


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