Lo-Flydelity Presents: Padpushers Vol.15

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January 19, 2014 @ 5:00 am – 10:00 am
1508 11th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

loflymonthlyflyerWEBThe fifteenth installment of Lo-Flydelity records monthly producer showcase!!!







(Loflydelity, SoapboxMelodics)

KLTZ on the decks!
(Loflydelity, AllFlagsBurn~EZLP~)

Pad Pushers use samplers and drum machines to manipulate samples that they have created from every imaginable source (ambient noise, musical instruments, vinyl recordings, etc…) and make beats that are either pre-programmed or in real time where  the pads on the sampler replicate a drum kit. The music is performed live in an improvised manner which creates a unique performance and is sometimes accompanied by live vocals. The style of music can have many different manifestations – anything from hip hop to ambient or dance. Basically its like making a live aural collage.

Lo-Flydelity records (https://www.facebook.com/loflydelity?fref=ts) is an upcoming independent record label and artist collective based out of Seattle Washington. The whole idea behind Lofly is to try and preserve the aspects of the underground music scene that have seemed to have been lost in recent times. We do this by entirely releasing our music on our own in a home made DIY fashion. In other words we make, design, produce, package, and put out our material all on our own. Doing this makes our releases alot more personal to listeners everywhere. No gimmicks, no bullshit, just raw hip hop on cassette. Can you dig it??


.:WIZDUMB “The WaxMolesta”


.:Crooked Teeth “Weasley Snipes”:.//Brandon Jay Sprouse, a.k.a Crooked Teeth a.k.a. Weasley Snipes is a 26 year NW native. He has spent the better part of his life experimenting with visual arts and sounds in combination with mind altering drugs and environments. Through these ventures he has learned, much like most who walk this path, that all things are in one way or another connected and give off vibrations. Naturally through the use of record and tape samples, field recordings and sacred geometry he has crafted rythmic beat structures in attempt to make a comfortable grid for individuals to journey on. Hip hop is the heartbeat of the human race and a universal forum for all to create. Taking it to the next level, into uncharted territory, is his ultimate goal.//www.soundcloud.com/crooked-teeth

.:John Juan:.www.soundcloud.com/johngabrielson

.:Grief78:.//Lyricist/Beatmaker originally from Brooklyn,NY. He escaped and now resides in the desert. Released numerous works digitally from 2005-2012. With the help of Pacoe the Illiterate. Collaborative efforts with Wizdumb and TMFSE of Emily Rugburn. He has earned what he calls a “five finger fan base.”//www.grief78.bandcamp.comwww.soundcloud.com/grief78www.grief78.tumblr.com




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