Explorations in Acoustic and Electronic Avant-Garde

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January 26, 2017 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
1508 11th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122

Hello all,

Please join us for a night of avant music, featuring explorations in electronic and acousitc sound from many of Seattle’s leading improvisers. Listeners will encounter an array of modern, radical improvisational styles.

8:00 PM: Steve Schmitt (guitarist for the Diminished Men)
Solo, electric guitar

8:45 PM: inBoil (Carl Farrow)
The physical nature of sound–sampling and synthesis techniques

9:30 PM: The W Three Sax Trio
Wally Shoup/Wilson Shook/Neil Welch (saxophones)
Improvising, acoustic saxophone trio

The bands:

Steve Schmitt, the unique left-handed guitarist for Diminished Men, combines elements of sci-fi soundtracks, exotica, surf, hard rock, and a time capsule full of evocative melodies to create an unusual collection of sounds and song.


This solo project of Carl Farrow uses advanced sampling and synthesis techniques to transform familiar sounds into abstract music. inBOIL often begins with a simple palette of sounds (whispers, a bell, running water) then develops these into a complex, turbulent force. From soothing to seething, with sudden jolts and expansive floating timbres, inBOIL is an exploration of the physical nature of sound.


Wally Shoup plays unfettered, emotion-laden alto saxophone and has been involved in freely improvised music since the mid-70’s. His current Seattle projects include the noir-jazz Wally Shoup Quartet (w/Bob Rees, John Seman, Mark Ostrowski), the skronk-free jazz trio Spider Trio (w/Jeffery Taylor and Dave Abramson), and the Kelley/Campbell/Shoup Trio. He was named one of Seattle’s 50 Most Influential Musicians by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine in 2009.


Wilson Shook’s music emphasizes focus, texture, chance and exploration. It is ‘new
music’ in that it explores each new moment and seeks to develop a critical awareness of the present.

Saxophonist and composer Neil Welch is dedicated to expanding the saxophone’s role in modern improvisation. His work in multiphonic and electronic sound processing is documnted in hundreds of solo saxophone recordings. Neil is co-founder and performance curator for the acclaimed Seattle experimental music series the Racer Sessions, he is an organizer for the avant-garde event organization Table and Chairs Music, and co-founder of the Seattle Saxophone Institute music camp. He also performs as 1/2 of the duo Bad Luck.



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