DIY Appreciation Month feat Miscomings, Male/Female & more

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February 15, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – February 15, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar
1508 11th Ave
DIY Appreciation Month feat Miscomings, Male/Female & more @ Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar | Seattle | WA | United States

“When a tragic fire destroyed the Ghost Ship warehouse in Oakland on December 2, 2016 it garnered world-wide attention. While we mourned the loss of our peers and co-conspirators, very quickly afterward we collectively gasped an “oh shit”, as we saw DIY venues across the country raided by municipal agencies, doors permanently closing without warning and without consideration for the crucial narratives these walls contain outside of their perceived integrity.

Decades ago and even still, DIY has been a place that welcomed those of us who didn’t know who we were, where to go, or how to find each other. It is a gathering place to nurture ideas, create, and collectively rally around art, music, and each other. Inherent to its nature is the idea that we are individuals but we belong to something bigger than ourselves. Over and over again we reminisce on how vital these spaces have been in our social and cultural development as a community.

These spaces are critical as we face a new authoritarian regime that is rapidly creating legislation to further oppress the first nations, people of color, womxn, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and jeopardizing global public health. DIY is vital in our role to provide gathering space for organizing, fundraising, and idea sharing amongst these targeted communities. Furthermore, these spaces are intended to be self-sustaining in the sense that they are run fully by people volunteering their time and energy towards creating safe, accessible communal space. We exist outside of cultural norms and we hope that you understand why our campaign to raise the funds needed for space upgrades follow suit unconventionally.”

This is a show in conjunction with the month-long celebration and support drive for DIY in Seattle.



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