Opening Thursday, July 14, 2022 5-9pm: KAS LARUE and Terence L. Smith

| July 14, 2022

July/August features KAS LARUE and Terence L. Smith. 
Opening July 14, 2022 5-9pmShow runs until August 25, 2022.
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About the art:
KAS LARUE is an original painter, photographer, and graphic artist that loves to blend an urban art aesthetic with a fine art approach.

KAS has been highly influenced by street art, music and the liveliness of the world around her, as these are what speak to her soul. This has become both her signature and the main focus of her work She is Neoteric in her approach and enjoy incorporating different aspects of her style in a fluid, contemporary, yet edgy presentation working to blend unique images with her original concepts 

KAS believes an artist is forever evolving and that is, indeed , what you will find in her work. As an artist, she strives to create a relationship with the viewer through her art and evoke feelings that will stir your soul as well.

Originally self-taught, KAS LARUE went on to study at the art institute of Seattle and studied fine art, graphic design and computer animation. From her studies there she branched out and began exploring the work and discovering new ways to capture the creativity that lives in every art form.

Artist’s Statement

I am a visual artist with an ever-evolving concept of the world around me. I do not restrict myself to a category and am constantly conceiving of ways to capture and create an intimate form of self-expression meant to inspire the imaginations of those around me.

Art is in my soul and I want to provoke emotions and ignite passions inspiring others through my inmates. The urban streets are my inspiration from the rhythmic cacophony of sounds, to the pulsating thrumming of the traffic and the night, to the soulful strains of music weaving it all together , en edgy intoxication of the city lives in my heart, my life remains an unfinished canvas.

The rhythm of urban grit and beauty define us all. Join me where music and rhythm echo outside of mainstream culture creating a sort of imperfect yet flawed beauty.
INSTAGRAM: @kaslarue

Terence L. Smith: Daily Sketches

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California during the turbulent 60s and 70s civil rights movement, Terence L. Smith, a self-taught artist who has been drawing and painting since he was a young child, began drawing as a means of escapism. This use of art as an escape later turned into a means of relieving stress as he built a successful career in aviation as an electrical engineer, culminating as an executive with The Boeing Co. Until recently only his immediate family knew what a prolific portfolio of drawings and paintings he had accumulated over the years. 

As a self-taught artist he has accomplished all that he knows with the help of God and through a powerful passion and desire to draw and to paint. He draws and/or paints daily, and is always reading about art, studying works of others and experimenting and practicing different techniques. He paints mainly in watercolor, pen & ink, but also works with acrylics on canvas. Terence’s extraordinary and bold usage of color is clearly only one of the defining elements that one might use in describing the feeling and emotion that his work evokes. Over the years he has experimented with various styles while developing his craft. 

Most recently Terence’s has focused on colorful and emotional semi abstract portraits some with bold colored garments. An important aspect of Terence’s work as an adult is his strong belief that his ideas and creativity are gifts from God. He starts each drawing or painting with a silent prayer and ends with an expression of thanks, therefore there is a deep spiritual awareness that one discovers in his work. Terence often gets inspiration from the works of various artists. Some of his favorites are Jacob Lawrence, Charles Bibbs, Kehinde Wiley and William Tolliver. You can follow Terence as he uploads an almost daily expression of his drawings and paintings on his instagram page
INSTAGRAM: @terencesmilth58

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