Opening Thursday, September 2, 2021. 6-9pm Travis Johnson: To Be A Witness

| August 31, 2021

“To Be A Witness”
Travis Johnson
Opening Thursday, September 2, 2021. 6-9pm
(Show runs through 9/26/21)

Travis Johnson is back with new work! You may remember him from a smaller show we had back in December that was mostly just visible from the window. We’ve expanded into the full gallery now and he is going to be showing his paintings in addition to some new repurposed, found object sculptures.

About this series:
He says. “‘To Be A Witness is a collection of works that serve as a visual reclamation of my personal history in southern California. These pieces are fragmented memories and stories from my past. These stories have morphed into myth and have become a part of my ethos as Black body in America. ‘To Be A Witness’ is to imagine a world where Black bodies have an ontological resistance against a predatory culture. This ensemble of work is reaching for a Black nostalgia, a place that only exists in memory as a modern myth. The work also acknowledges the present as a fluid constant, that will shape the future. ‘To Be A Witness’ is to know that the witnessing is temporary.”

About the Artist
Travis Johnson has spent the last 3 decades developing his craft as a creative and uses his art to explore the human experience by touching on the whimsical, silly, serious, and sometimes painful side of life. He uses the subtle nuances of classic western world iconography to tell a highly illustrated and visually rich narrative.

His main artistic inspirations are: Bill WattersonJustin BuaThomas Hart BentonKerry James MarshallKara WalkerMichael HafftkaBill Turner

Along with his visual art, Travis has spent the last 25 years singing throughout the US on various tours with his family singing group Fivacious. He continues to share his music as a solo act through out the US.

Travis was born in Southern California, where he grew up with his 5 siblings in the Mojave Desert. He is currently based out of Olympia, WA.

To see more and check out the store at: Travis Johnson Art  (

You Tube: LET the Paint Dry.

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