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| January 31, 2021
Scanned by Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction, LLC.

Black Women and Black Mothers deal with negative stereotypes and judgement on a level that few understand. This show aims to showcase Black Women and Mothers as the Queens, the Goddesses, the Backbone that they are through the eyes of such artists who live the experience day to day. In celebration for Black History Month “Debt to the Queen” aims to bring attention to what we give of ourselves as Black women and Mothers, how we affect, contribute and enhance the world, as well as how we are affected by the world at large. 

Participating Artists:

Perry Rhoden: Perri Rhoden, is an Abstract Mixed Media Artist and Muralist inspired bycolor, texture, and dramatic lighting found in nature and media. Her art is representative of her personal experiences, inspirational Black women, and her
manifestations of feminine energy captured on canvas.
Elisheba Johnson:,  @Elisheba Johnson is a curator and conceptual artist heavily influenced by the Fluxus movement and the accessibility of art experiences and objects. She believes in creating opportunities that bring equity, accessibility, relevance and engagement to a community. She is also the amazing mother of a beautiful and talented little boy.     

Natasha Marin: , @tash1k0 is conceptual artist, published poet, phenomenal curator and activist whose work focuses on people, community, and healing. She is most well known for her Reparations project in 2016 and most recently her Black Imagination series and book. Her much anticipated Black Futures project is coming in February 2021. She is also the amazing mother of 2 incredible children. 

Aramis Hamer: , @aohamer is a self-taught acrylic painter and muralist who loves making a mess.
She spends the majority of her days in the studio creating large colorful images, integrating imagery of sensual goddesses and cosmic galaxies reflecting her admiration for the divine feminine, higher consciousness and the complexities throughout the Black culture.

Kristin Alana: @kristoryteller @krissythewhimsy Kristin is a Storyteller, Author and incredible bead artist whose work is inspired by ancestral lineage and black culture.  Her work reflects history, folklore and black pride. She is also a beautiful mother to two amazing twin boys and a wonderful little girl. 

Takiyah Ward: @tdubcustoms is a mixed media artist whose creative expression ranges from ballet, to custom clothes, to large murals. She was the curator of the Black Lives Matter mural in Seattle as well as a founder of the sought after Vivid Matter Collective. Her work reflects the many processes and inspirations she pulls from to create colorful and striking imagery.
Kimisha Turner: , @Kimisha Turner is a mixed media artist who enjoys working in various processes to execute her conceptual vision. She creates murals, sculptures, performance art and community engagement while reflecting the times. there is a familiar thread in her work of layers and beauty combined with challenging subject matter, in the hope that it is provocative yet easily digested by a varied audience. She is also a mother to an amazingly beautiful flipbook-making boy.

Please consider supporting these artists by going to their links, where art can be purchased directly and donate to organizations that support Black artists: Wa Na Wari, Vivid Matter Collective, NonwhiteworksSeattle Artist Relief Fund

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