Vermilion/Vermillion – New Work by Ellen Ziegler. Opening Thursday, June 9, 2016. 6-9pm

| June 5, 2016
Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar celebrates its 8th anniversary this June with an idea whose time has come: “Vermillion/Vermilion”, a show of new work by Ellen Ziegler. The artist has worked exclusively with the color vermilion for the past three years.
Ziegler‘s last body of work was featured in a solo show called “Vermilion”, at LxWxH Gallery in Georgetown, although many people showed up initially at Vermillion (the bar, two L’s.)
Vermillion Gallery and Bar has been a generous supporter and promoter of the arts since it was started by Diana Adams in 2008. Meetings, pop-up galleries and bazaars, and John Boylan’s inimitable Conversation Series have all found their home at this unpretentious, welcoming Capitol Hill bar and gallery. Please join us in celebrating Vermillion’s 8th anniversary and Ellen Ziegler’s new work. The show will also include historic tidbits of knowledge about vermilion (the color, one L). There will be cake.

“The color vermilion is replete with associations to geology, culture and art history and has compelled me for years as only a color can compel an artist,”  Ellen Ziegler.



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