‘Mo-Wave! Art Exhibition 2015, Thursday, November 12, 2015 6-9pm (Show runs through December 5, 2015)

| November 11, 2015
Curated by Davora Lindner & Steven Miller
A starting point for the exhibition is Okwui Enzewor’s introductory essay for the 56th la Biennale di Venezia entitled “The State of Things”. Acknowledging that every exhibition exists in a “moment of disturbance” and the “…debris that grows from this moment and rises ever skyward, along with the events that precede it, one does feel as if summoned…” we also feel called into action.
Mo-Wave’s 2015 Exhibition is an attempt to evoke rhapsody through a tower of text pieces by local and international artists, alongside the most constructive forms of human bedrock; nude bodies, primary painting and encampments. It’s a call to action through poetry and prose.
We have a stellar group of local and national artists participating:
Mario Lemafa (Installation)
Rio Abundez (Photography)
Storme Webber (Multimedia)
Topher McCulloh (Installation)
Leigh Riibe (Photography)
Joey Veltkamp (Folk Art)
Grant Rehnberg (Installation)
Andrew Lamb Schultz (Drawing)
Tara Thomas (Painting and Installation)
C. Davida Ingram (Photography)
Liana Kegley (Painting)
Rafa Esparza (Performance/Sculpture)
Lynda Sherman (Printmaking)
Free Witch Quarterly
Performance by Mal de Fleur
DJ Ozma Otacava
We’re excited to be showing new work by Rafa Esparza from Los Angeles.  This is his first exhibition of new work since his residency and installation at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. He is creating new sculpture using performance ephemera from appease he made in April entitled Bust, described by him here:
“With assistance by my friends and family, I encased my body up to my chest in concrete, plywood, wire mesh, and loose gravel, across the street facing The Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Once set in the concrete I chiseled myself free with a sledge hammer and chisel.”
He told us in conversation that when he got to his knees he started to panic as he realized the cement was hardening and he began to hammer the cement and wrestle his feet out of the concrete ultimately abandoning his shoes.
For the “Mo-Wave! 2015 Art Exhibition, he plans to revisit the site where the concrete debris remains and retrieve the shoes to create a sculpture from the ephemera.
His shoes were Nike Cortez, worn by Latino Gangs in LA.  He uses them as a medium to create “Love Birds” that reference 1990’s era Echo Park, a neighborhood populated by gangs and a growing gay community.  Love Birds are created to honor them both.
Detailed documentation of the performance entitled Bust can be found here:
Rafa Esparza’s “bust”- by Nancy Popp
Rafa Esparza’s exhibition and performance at LACE this summer:

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