Retablos II – Contemporary Mexican Votive / Retablo Paintings. Opening Thursday, June 11. (Show runs through July 3, 2015)

| June 9, 2015

Opening Thursday, June 11, 2015. 6-9pm. FREE

Mexican Votive / Retablo Paintings by:

Daniel Alonso Vilchis

Luis Angel Vilchis

Hugo Alfredo Vilchis

(Sons of the renowned Alfredo Vilchis Roque, (also known as “Leonardo de Vilchis”. Click HERE to see inside his studio.)


These paintings (oil on metal) come from the 500-year-old tradition of votive paintings,

ex-votos or retablos. They were traditionally commissioned in trade for services, to tell

their miraculous stories and give thanks to the intervening saint for answered prayers.

Often they were taken to the church, as an offering, or placed on an alter at home.


They depict life’s near-tragic stories and the realities of survival, with humor, honesty and charm.
In the modern day Mexico, these thwarted mishaps are depicted in subjects such as emigration, infidelity, gay love, prostitution, dog bites, 911, drunkenness, jealousies, and runaway pigs.


Daniel Vilchis, Luis Vilchis, and Hugo Vilchis are sons of the well-known contemporary painter Alfredo Vilchis Roque. Their home is Mexico City. They have learned their trade and tradition from their father, a self taught artist whose work is well known and frequently exhibited internationally. Alfredo’s work has been shown in the Louvre, along side the work of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, his paintings are now on permanent display there. Alfredo and Daniel will show their work again this year in Paris. The Vilchis family’s paintings are the subject of several books, including Infinite Gracias: Contemporary Mexican Votive Paintings, Rue des Miracles, La Revolucion Imaginada/The Imaginary Revolution.







Armando is infinitely grateful to San Sebastian because Felipe is by his side asking forgiveness for having doubted him, thinking he was cheating with another man. We give thanks because we are together again. Polanco, Mexico. January 16, 2000

Daniel Vilchis




I offer this little retablo to the little Virgin of Guadalupe for saving Don Nikolas’ hand, which he cut when he turned to look at my legs while slicing meat. When I noticed he wasn’t getting better, I prayed to you, and he was quickly healed. Sra. Rosio Tacubaya, Mexico, 1985.

Daniel Vilchis




El Sr. Antonio and his sons Pedro and Arturo give infinite thanks to the little Virgin of Guadalupe for allowing them to cross the desert of Arizona, and for giving them the strength to be able to fulfill their American dream; to support their family in Mexico. 1985

Daniel Vilchis





Rebeca gives infinite thanks to Saint Sr. de Chalma for allowing her to find work as a prostitute, so that she could make money to pay for the heart operation for her son, that she loves so much. January 25, 1985  La Merced, Mexico.

Daniel Vilchis

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